User Oriented Design: Day Hikers

User Oriented Design: Day Hikers

During this studio-focused course, our team worked closely with day hikers to understand their needs, wants, and values. From there, we developed a number of concepts, which were in turn developed into product ideas through continued interaction with the users. At the end of the course, we had three detailed concepts, with models, for new products, as well as several partially developed ideas that also showed potential. Concepts were well received by users.

Team: Bret Richmond and Mikell Taylor

Resources: Timeline Phase I: Inquire Timeline phase one (pdf), Phase II: Identify timeline phase two (pdf), Phase III: Generate timeline phase III (pdf), Phase IV: Involve timeline phase four (pdf), Phase V: Refine timeline phae five (pdf)

Evolution of the Trailside Info Station

Montage from User Oriented Design