Directed Research Groups

For current directed research groups, please see the HCDE website.

Prospective research students

Doctoral students: If you are interested in applying for HCDE's PhD program in my research area, please read the following information and then follow up with any specific questions.

Undergraduate and master's students: If you are a current undergradate or masters student interested in getting involved in my research, the best way to start is by signing up for a Directed Research Group offered that quarter.

If you are interested in research funding, I generally expect that you will have completed a quarter in a directed lab group, seminar course, or other research project with me before I will consider funding. There are occassional exceptions, particularly for hourly work that requires specific skills.

Prospective masters students

Please read my thoughts on applying for a masters in HCDE or MHCI+D before reaching out. For most questions about the strengths of each program and the logistics of applying, each program's advising staff are the best contacts.

Upcoming & Current Courses
Past courses