Traces Location Based Services

Traces Location Based Services

My senior engineering project team worked with Motorola Labs to develop and deploy prototypes of social, location based services. During the fall semester, we developed several initial service ideas and ran initial user and technical studies to evaluate their value and feasibility. We focused on location based services that are social in nature but have an initial appeal to single users.

In the spring semester, we developed and deployed experience prototypes with users. We built several iterations of the phone and web clients, and deployed them in two rounds of user studies to over 40 users.

In addition to my involvement in the design of the overall suite of Traces services, I handled the detailed interface design and implementation of the web client. During the fall semester, I completed an independent study in recommender systems; my final deliverable outlined preferred implementations of recommender systems in the Traces services.

Team: Adam Chasen, Michael Crayton, Sutee Dee, Drew Harry, and Kevin Tostado

Early storyboards
Storyboards (yes, this is posed)