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  • We book many of our hotels on Often, we're visting places not well covered by chains. Having's loyalty program (you get 10% back on every 10 hotel stays as a "free night" you can use for a future booking) is a plus. Most hotels have free cancellation.
  • seems to have better coverage in some regions -- e.g., Europe and South America. It also has great coverage of bed and breakfasts.


  • If we need to try something on -- or need at last minute -- we'll go to REI. We can't always justify paying their prices, though.
  • For online ordering, we typically buy from Moosejaw. They have competitive, a pretty good rewards program, free shipping over a certain value or with Shoprunner, and, for better or for worse, I enjoy their marketing materials.
  • We'll admit that we buy a lot of our outdoor gear and consumables on Amazon.

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