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Yellowstone & Grand Teton Guide Hikes
Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier Travelogue

Recommended Hikes
  • Mt. Washburn (Yellowstone)- Nice views, gentle trail. Others can drive up, though. Read about it.
  • Cascade Canyon (Grand Tetons)- Well worth it, this goes up a notch between the range. You can go as far as you like before turning back. View a photo of Cascade Canyon or read about it.

Recommended Restaurants
  • Horse Creek Station (Jackson Hole)- Travelogue references: 1
  • Merry Piglets (Jackson Hole)- Travelogue references: 1

General & Hiking Guides
Nature Guides
  • Grand Teton/Targhee Panoramic Hiking Map The Grand Teton/Targhee map covers the area from Teton Village to the south tip of Jackson Lake on the east side of the mountains and from Moose Creek (near Teton Pass) to Coyote Meadows (out of Ashton) on the west side. The Grand Teton National Park, Targhee National Forest and the Jedediah Wilderness area are all represented. Numerous hiking(and horseback riding) trails are illustrated by difficulty, based on one-way distance and elevation gain. Detailed point-to-point information on the Teton Crest and Valley trails is provided to help many loop trips. Regulations for the different areas covered, along with charts providing more information about all the trails covered, are included on the back side of the map.
  • National Geographic Destination Map: Grand Teton Part of the oustanding Destination Maps Series.
  • National Geographic Destination Map: Yellowstone National Park Part of the oustanding Destination Maps Series.
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