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Glacier National Park Guide Hikes
Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier Travelogue

Recommended Hikes
  • Hidden Lake (Logan Pass area)- Good views of the lake for a short (3-mile) hike. On snow most of the year. Read about it.
  • Iceberg Lake- Wow! Very nice 9.4-mile hike, fairly level. View photos of Iceberg Lake or read about it.
  • Highline Trail (Logan Pass area)- Worth doing, even if just a little bit, to get the experience. With very steep dropoffs on one side, it is not for small children or those afraid of heights. Travelogue references: 1

Recommended Restaurants
  • Park Cafe- Try the Huckleberry ice cream. Travelogue references: 1
  • Two Sisters Cafe- Travelogue references: 1


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